Winter in the Methow is Snowtime!


Current Report


Friday March 10, 2017

We will be clearing all priority customers on all routes. Regular customers will also be cleared on the Upper and Lower Lost River Routes. If you have any questions please contact us!


2015-2016 Snow Amounts

Date Amount Locations
12/10/16 6"

All customers will be cleared in an effort to get the driveways to freeze solid with the upcoming cold weather.

12/19/16 7"

All priority customers. All regular service customers will be cleared on Tuesday 12/20 after the storm has passed.

12/20/16 7" from 12/19 + 4"new

All customers.


On Call customers coming for the holiday break and priority customers that were cleared before the storm ended on 12/19.

12/27 3"-7"

Priority customers on Upper Lost River, Lower Lost River, Highway 20, and Goat Creek routes.

12/30 9" All customers.
1/9-1/11 5" All customers. Some may be done twice due to drifting.
1/18-1/19 6"+

All priority customers in Upper Lost River in the AM. All priority customers on the rest of the routes in the afternoon.

1/21 5-6" All regular and priority customers on all routes.
1/23 2-4" Upper Lost River residents only.
2/5 8" All customers.
2/6 4"+ All Customers.
2/9 9"+ All customers.
2/16   All regular and priority customers.
3/8-3/10 9"+

All regular and priority customers.
Only priority customers in Edelweiss.
Upper Lost River priority customers also cleared on 3/8.