Winter in the Methow is Snowtime!


Current Report


Thursday March 7, 2019

We will be out clearing all regular service customers.. If you have not let us know you will be here please do so. If you have any questions please contact us!


2018-2019 Snow Amounts

Date Amount Locations
12/11/18 6" Upper Lost River.
12/12/18 6"-12"

All routes. Upper Lost River began clearing 12/11/18.

12/17/18 6" All routes.
12/19 Slop

Priority customers only.
Cleanup of sloppy snow and ruts from rain.

12/21 4" All others cleaned up from slop and accumulated 6".
12/27 4"-6" Edelweiss accumulation from 12/19 and
Upper Lost River new accumulation.
1/4 6"-8" All routes. All customers
1/9-1/10 6-8"

All routes. All customers.

1/23 12" All routes. All customers.
2/5 Drifts Only drifted driveways.
2/9 5" All routes except Edelweiss.
2/10 Drifts Only drifted driveways.
2/12 2" Edelwiess only as it was not cleared previoulsy.
3/7 5"-6" Only regualr customers. All routes.