Winter in the Methow is Snowtime!


Current Report


Friday March 9, 2018

We are out clearing customers only on the Upper Lost River route. The storm only accumulated in some areas so we are only clearing those that are needed. If you have any questions please contact us!


2017-2018 Snow Amounts

Date Amount Locations
11/22/16 6"-12"

Edelweiss had 6" and 10-12" in Lost River. We began clearing but by afternoon the rain started so we stopped clearing.

12/19/17 9" All routes.
12/30/17 12" All routes.
1/11/18-1/12/18 8"-12" All routes.
1/18/18 3" and slush Only full time, nightly rentals and priority residents on some routes.
1/24/18 8"+ All routes.
1/27/18 7"+ All routes.
2/17/18 10"+ All routes.
2/25/18-2/26/18 5"-6" All routes.
3/1/18 5"+ We are clearing only full time residents and priority customers.
3/9/18 6" Upper Lost River only.