Winter in the Methow is Snowtime!


Snowtime Removal Policies

Snowtime Removal safely inspects and marks every driveway prior to the start of the season. Our marking service is to help prevent damage to our property and yours, and to insure we are clearing the correct area of your driveway. We ask that you do not move any of the markers and contact us if changes need to be made. After the end of the season, we will come back and remove the flags. We ask that you sign up via our online sign-up form before October 1st. All driveways will be charged a $10 marking fee. Those who mark their own driveway will be charged a $5 fee and will be inspected by a Snowtime employee.

We provide our snow removal services on a regular basis, as determined by weather conditions. Generally we start removing snow when accumulations reach 4-6 inches. Sometimes additional services are necessary to keep your road or driveway clear and safe.

Customers who require "special clearing" or "on call" services are scheduled based on availability and billed an one-hour minimum blowing charge. All time after the initial hour will be broken into 15-minute increments.

Please note, additional equipment may be necessary in these instances.

Customers who are part of a Homeowner's Association or share a private road, are billed for snow removal services on their access road using one of the following formulas: 1.) The total cost of the service is divided between each land owner, based on the percentage of road to the beginning of an individual driveway; 2.) The Homeowner's Association, or a representative owner is billed for the total cost of the access road; 3.) An arrangement is made with a representative of the Homeowner's Association on how to bill each individual for access road costs. In addition, each service customer is billed individually for their own driveway.

Our services are billed monthly based on our Rate Schedule. Payment is due within 15 days from the receipt of the invoice. We will assess a 18% APR finance charge for any accounts past due. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer or discontinue service in the event of non-payment.



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